Emotional Support Animals

How Emotional Support Animals Are Different from Service Animals

    Research shows that owning a pet can have therapeutic effects on your long-term happiness and wellbeing, help you cope and recover from unpleasant life situations, and reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases. Animals could be an important source of companionship, affection and security especially during stressful times. According to studies, pet owners tend to be happier […]

    Dogs Can Help You

    How Dogs Can Help You Cope With Stress

      Studies have proven the positive effects of having pets on your happiness and overall wellbeing. Dogs, in particular, prove to be timeless and your ultimate best friends. Research indicates that owning dogs can improve emotional health and help you feel secure. Dogs can bring a significant amount of joy and love when you really need […]

      Cats Can Be Your Emotional Support Animals

      How Cats Can Be Your Emotional Support Animals

        They are moody. They want to be treated like queens. They might throw a tantrum when they are hungry. They might come to annoy you when they need attention and ignore you when you want to play with them. Nonetheless, having the right breed of cats can help you fight stress, lower risks of illnesses […]

        Legitimate ESA letters

          In case you get denied reasonable accommodation using our products, you can expect an immediate and full money refund. ESA Letter Requirements Thanks to the years of dedicated hard work and research of industry experts as well as the top-notch customer service and effective advice, the best, bound-to-work ESA products have come to life. ESA […]

          Emotional Support Animal Laws

          Emotional Support Animal Laws: What You Need to Know

            What are ESAs? Emotional support animals (ESA) refer to animals that assist individuals suffering from disabilities, emotional disturbances or psychological disorders. They can be used to assist people with impairments, wheel-chair bound people, people suffering from terminal illnesses, such as cancer, people undergoing chemotherapy and people with emotional disturbances, such as chronic stress, anxiety or […]

            cat on a tiny couch

            Emotional Support Animal Letters for Your Landlord

                Have you filled out a rental application and been told the property won’t allow your pet? There are certain requirements that a landlord must adhere to if you submit a letter for an emotional support animal (ESA). Find out what documentation you need and what you can do if a landlord denies or ignores […]

              emotional support animal benefits

              5 Benefits of Having an Emotional Support Animal

                Connections with animals are special and important relationships for many people. Doctors have realized that emotional support animals can be an effective way to fight against mental health problems. One of the most well-known psychoanalysts, Sigmund Freud, used his pet in therapy sessions because he knew pets are good for mental health. Here are a […]

                fake esa letters

                Fake ESA Letters

                  Fake ESA Letters Scammers Perpetuate Confusion and Harm Legitimate Emotional Support Animal and Service Dog Handlers Rights What is a Fake ESA Letter? There are many ways to get a legitimate ESA Letter or certification online, but it’s a risky business determining if that service is legal. You can buy an “undisputable emotional support animal […]

                  register your dog

                  How to Register Your Dog as an Emotional Support Animal

                    Are you looking to register your dog as a support dog so they may travel with you? There is a large difference between an emotional support animal (ESA) and a service dog. Having the right documentation allows you to keep your pet close when you rent from facilities that might not otherwise allow them, when […]

                    ESA on Your Flight

                    Getting Your ESA on Your Flight

                      ESA Letter Requirements for Flying Flying can be a stressful experience, which can be compounded if you struggle with an emotional disability. An emotional support animal (ESA) can help relieve the anxiety of air travel, but in order to get your pet into the cabin, you must follow certain letter requirements. Here’s what you need […]