How do I register my pet as an emotional support animal?


Do I need to register my pet as an ESA?

No. Since emotional support animals are not trained and are still pets, there is no need to certify or register your pet. The only document you need is an ESA letter for the pet’s owner from a mental health professional (therapist or doctor).


The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits any service animal certification or registration.

All dogs are subject to local law vaccination and licensing requirements. Universities or local governments may have voluntary registries to assist with staff alertness to service animals during emergencies, but this may not necessarily apply to companion animals.

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There are many scams out there offering pet registration, masquerading as some valid database of registered support animals, selling kits such as “professional ID cards, a frameable registration certificate, patches” for as much as $154. The plastic ID card and certificate have no legal or legitimate use anywhere for any reason. Our integrity is to not sell you on nonsense animal registrations – you need your support animal not because you are blind, or have life-threatening diabetes, but because your pet soothes you, and helps you lead a normal life despite your psychological disorder.

Learn more about the difference between an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) and a Service Dog at Please Don’t Pet Me.

There is no such thing as a support animal registry, and an emotional support animal is not a service dog. Service animals are trained to save lives, and are not pets. You may qualify for an emotional support animal by having a disability through which only your animal helps you cope, and no other daily treatment means are available or effective. See your psychiatrist if you have issues with your residency or are required to travel. If they will not write an official letter for your housing or airlines, purchase the ESA letters you need from us. We now offer low monthly payment plans.

Find out more about ESA requirements and emotional support letters in our FAQ or visit the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division to learn more about Disability Rights.

Remember that there is no such thing as a legitimate emotional support animal registration. You can get an emotional support dog by seeing a doctor to help determine if an ESA pet is right for you. If you need an emotional support animal letter for your landlord or campus requirements, or if you need to travel with your emotional support dog, Touch can provide you with an ESA letter in accordance with emotional support animal laws.

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Emotional Support Animal handlers are protected under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) for when you have a disability but need to fly with your emotional support dog or animal. The Fair Housing Act also provides legal protections and rights to ensure your ESA provides the therapeutic benefit as prescribed by your doctor for your disability. You can learn more about your housing and transportation rights with your emotional support animal on our ESA legal protection and rights page.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]