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Live anywhere you want and travel with your "Best Friend" without any pet fees.

Our full-time licensed clinical psychologist reviews all of the Medical ESA Questionnaires that we receive.  Every US resident that qualifies will receive their ESA letter and documentation via email.  It's that easy!

PROVEN SUPPORT Emotional Support Animals have been a proven to be an effective treatment option for people suffering with anxiety, depression or other mental conditions. 

It is our top priority to help people suffering from anxiety, chronic stress or depression obtain a recommendation from a licensed psychologist for an emotional support animal.  Recommendations enable these individuals to travel with their pets and get approved for rental residences.  Our exam was written by a psychologist to help determine your need for an ESA letter and every letter is required to be approved and filed by a licensed psychologist.  We are dedicated to improving our patients' lives by easing their stress through emotional support animals.

KEEPING YOUR FAMILY TOGETHER Your pet is more than an animal, they are your family. An ESA letter ensures that you can live and travel with your best friend- no questions asked. 

 Not only do we pride ourselves in putting animals in happy and healthy homes, but we also value your credit score and rental history! Do not be the individual that gets an eviction notice for having a pet because you did not take the time to go through our simple online ESA approval process. Instead of allowing landlords or property management companies to define where you cannot live, let Touch ESA tell them where you can, by making your rental living pet friendly!

NO MORE HIGH FEE'S ESA letters protect against unfair fee's that property managers/ landlords and airlines want to charge. You will no longer be penalized for your mental condition. 

Getting an ESA letter will give you peace of mind knowing that you and your support animal are protected. 


How It Works

Follow these 3 easy steps, to qualify for an emotional support animal!

Complete the Online Exam

Select the letter that you need and complete the Medical ESA Evaluation by navigating down the page to the Pricing section. 100% refundable if not satisfied.

Complete the Online Exam

Psychologist Reviews Evaluation

The Clinical Psychologist will review your exam to determine if you are in need of an emotional support animal.

Congratulations! E-Mailed PDF

ESA Clinical Psychologist will Email you a Digitial Emotional Support Animal PDF. Optional: Hardcopy and other options are available.

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Find Out If You Qualify

Find out if you qualify for an emotional support animal by taking our free one-minute evaluation. Then scroll down to our pricing menu, select the letter(s) that you need and complete the Medical ESA Questionnaire during checkout.  It's that easy!   Completing our ESA letter application online save you the time, hassle and cost of having to visit a therapist in person.

What Airlines Charge


$59Recently Reduced From $199
  • ESA Letter Written by a Licensed Psychologist
  • 24/7 Support. Money Back Guarantee
  • Keep Pet in No Pet Policy Apartment
  • Re-Evaluate Yearly at no Charge
  • Waive Security Deposit and Air Travel Fees
  • Emailed PDF or Hardcopy Options
$59Recently Reduced From $199
  • ESA Letter Written by a Licensed Psychologist
  • 24/7 Support. Money Back Guarantee
  • Fly with your Pet in Airplane Cabin
  • Re-Evaluate Yearly at no Charge
  • Waive Security Deposit and Air Travel Fees
  • Emailed PDF or Hardcopy Options
$120Recently Reduced From $300
  • ESA Letter Written by a Licensed Psychologist
  • 24/7 Support. Money Back Guarantee
  • Rent an Apartment and/or Fly with your Pet
  • Re-Evaluate Yearly at no Charge
  • Waive Security Deposit and Air Travel Fees
  • Emailed PDF or Hardcopy Options


  • I was skeptical because some websites claim to be authentic but can land you in serious legal trouble if they turn out to be a fraud. This one is authentic thankfully. The best part is the price. You get the letter which is almost $100 elsewhere. Would recommend.

    Jessica Friend. ( CT United states)
  • I needed additional paperwork for my landlord and the Dr. had everything done for me so quick. I reached out and they were so kind and helpful with all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend.

    Sarah S. (MN united States)
  • Thank you so much for your fast assistance. I was extremely stressed and anxious about having my dog with me when I move and travel and your service has really lifted a huge burden.

    Catherine S. (KS United States)
  • Fast and friendly service.

    Rachel P. ( NJ. United States)
  • you guys are a life saver. Thank you again.

    Domingo Chris. (FL United States)
  • You have made it very easy for me which made me feel more at ease. It's really nice knowing there are people out there like you to help.

    Jamie P (MO United States)
  • Great service. Much appreciated.

    Ethan Taylor. (IL United States)
  • Very quick and efficient.

    Lexi W. (NV United States)
  • process was easy to follow and complete.

    Mary S. (WI United States)


ACAA Compliant

ACAA Compliant

Air Carrier Access Act compliant documentation with letter for the airlines to make flying with your service or emotional support dog hassle-free.

FHA Compliant

FHA Compliant

HUD Fair Housing Act information with documentation and letters to supply your landlord for moving in with your service or emotional support dog.

Medical Compliant

Medical Compliant

Touch meets all standards as per HIPAA requirements. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data.


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