Emotional Support Animals

What Your Emotional Support Animal Needs

    Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) serve to provide owners with emotional companionship, reduce symptoms of disorders and provide relief. The ESA may be chosen to meet specific needs of the patient. If you are suffering from anxiety disorders, chronic stress, depression, phobias, trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder, you qualify for an ESA. You would be issued […]


    What You Need to Know About Equine-Assisted Therapy

      Equestrian therapy is also known as equine-assisted or horse therapy. This method involves experiential mental health treatment where the patient is treated by interacting with horses. Equine therapy can be used to treat a wide range of mental health issues, relieve symptoms of physiological and emotional disorders and can work on people of all ages. […]

      What You Need to Know About Assisted Animal Therapy

        Animal-assisted Therapy (AAT) involves using animals to assist people with emotional and physiological problems. The focus of psychotherapy is to develop a strong bond between patients and animals and to help them recover. Studies show reduced levels of blood pressure among participants and animals once the bond grows. The interactions help patients recover as the […]

        Traveling With Your Emotional Support Animal

        Traveling With Your Emotional Support Animal: What You Need to Know

          Airlines have become friendlier towards letting emotional support animals (ESA) on board. If you have an ESA certification that proves your disability and need for an assistance animal, you would not be charged with fees to take your animal on board. However, you still need to respect the laws of all airlines. Different airlines have […]

          Animal Therapy

          Is Animal Therapy Right for You

            Studies on therapeutic interventions involving animals have shown that participants reported reduced symptoms of anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, stress and blood pressure. Professionals have incorporated animals in therapy because they are important sources of comfort, companionship, and empowerment. Animals can help us recover from unpleasant life experiences, broken hearts, as well as enable […]

            Animals Help You Recover From Trauma

            How Emotional Support Animals Help You Recover From Trauma

              Life throws numerous challenges at you during different stages. You never know what you may come across as life is a mixed plate. For one, there are moments that bring elated joy and help you live healthier, longer, with greater life satisfaction. However, there are always moments for everyone that could drain your happiness temporarily. Depending […]


              How Emotional Support Animals Can Help You Get through College

                You know how college stress can take a toll on your personal habits, daily activities and overall lifestyle. Undergraduates face stress from different sources simultaneously, including having to juggle classes with extra-curricular activities for a good resume, or having to struggle with demands, poor self-development, everyday hassles, and lack of resilience.  These factors tend to […]

                Emotional Support Animals

                How Emotional Support Animals Are Different from Service Animals

                  Research shows that owning a pet can have therapeutic effects on your long-term happiness and wellbeing, help you cope and recover from unpleasant life situations, and reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases. Animals could be an important source of companionship, affection and security especially during stressful times. According to studies, pet owners tend to be happier […]

                  Dogs Can Help You

                  How Dogs Can Help You Cope With Stress

                    Studies have proven the positive effects of having pets on your happiness and overall wellbeing. Dogs, in particular, prove to be timeless and your ultimate best friends. Research indicates that owning dogs can improve emotional health and help you feel secure. Dogs can bring a significant amount of joy and love when you really need […]

                    Cats Can Be Your Emotional Support Animals

                    How Cats Can Be Your Emotional Support Animals

                      They are moody. They want to be treated like queens. They might throw a tantrum when they are hungry. They might come to annoy you when they need attention and ignore you when you want to play with them. Nonetheless, having the right breed of cats can help you fight stress, lower risks of illnesses […]