They are moody. They want to be treated like queens. They might throw a tantrum when they are hungry. They might come to annoy you when they need attention and ignore you when you want to play with them. Nonetheless, having the right breed of cats can help you fight stress, lower risks of illnesses and feel more connected. It’s very tempting to watch funny or cute cat videos as they help you feel happier, and give you a much-needed boost of energy to help you get through the day. No surprise right there why cat ownership can improve your happiness and wellbeing. Here’s how cat ownership can benefit you:

Cats for emotional support
The right breed of a cat as your emotional support animal could provide you with unconditional love, companionship and help combat loneliness. Cats can help you heal just as well as dogs. A cat with a good temperament can help you feel at ease on every situation. Studies have shown that cat purring or meowing can have therapeutic effects for your emotional health.

There are cases of people who recovered from depression, anxiety, infections and surgeries. Cats provide emotional support, in their own special way that is distinct from dogs. They help you feel calm and beat everyday stress of life.

Imagine your cat coming to you after a long, hectic day. Cats can help lower anxiety, prevent high blood pressure, heart diseases and improve your immunity system. Cats can help you relax and activate biochemicals that generate positive emotions. If you are going through rough patches, cats can help you deal with your negative emotions. Cats could be your outlet to vent emotions and channel negative energy in a constructive manner, without getting judged, learning to accept the situation and working a way around it.

Cats help beat loneliness
You would be taking your cat out for walks, which would enable you to interact with other cat owners and socialize every day. This way you can feel more connected and in tune with our surroundings. The presence of a cat in your home can be soothing. Even if cats are standoffish, they help build a reciprocal relationship based on trust, loyalty and unconditional love.

You would be playing with your cat and taking it on walks. This not only helps the cat remain physically active but gives you an opportunity to exercise as well. When you have something other than yourself to take care of, you find meaning, purpose and learn to be accountable. When you are responsible for a cat, you can alleviate anxiety and improve overall wellbeing.

Cats are spontaneous
If you have seen cat videos, you can tell how spontaneous they are and the way they react to everyday situations, which makes them very entertaining to watch. For instance, watching a cat’s response to cucumbers is amusing.

Cats are good for your heart. As they help you beat stress and anxiety and improve life satisfaction, they can prevent hearing problems. Since they themselves are high-maintenance when trained, you would not need to invest much in maintaining them. Patting or cuddling a cat can generate positive emotions.