Animals Help You Recover From Trauma

Life throws numerous challenges at you during different stages. You never know what you may come across as life is a mixed plate. For one, there are moments that bring elated joy and help you live healthier, longer, with greater life satisfaction. However, there are always moments for everyone that could drain your happiness temporarily.

Depending on where you are or who you interact with, there could be times that traumatize you and deplete the life out of you. You may come across traumatic life events, such as an assault, moving to different places, bullying or prolonged loneliness that could stop you from living and make you fall into depression.

When you feel that there is no one to understand your feelings or no one is available to help you, emotional support animals come to the rescue to help you get your life back on track and live to the fullest. Emotional support animals are there to stick by your side at all times, no matter what you do and help you feel safer. Here’s why emotional support animals help you cope.

Animals don’t judge

Unpleasant life circumstances can take you by surprise and leave you in a state of confusion or sadness about what came to pass. You would not always be able to talk about your experiences due to fear of being judged, misunderstood or feeling that people may get tired of you discussing your problems. People may not be able to comprehend fully the troubles that you went through because they may not have experienced the same thing.

Animals are safe for you to express your emotions without fear of being judged.  For those who have withdrawn from the world, animals can be a healthy outlet to cope with negative emotions and experiences. You can develop your coping skills better when you have access to an animal. If studies are taking a toll, you could de-stress by having an animal to play with.

Animals make you feel good

Over time you develop a close bond or attachment to your animal. The animal learns to recognize you and come to you when called. It comes to you when it wants to play with you or be patted. This bond can help you feel good inside out.

Having access to a pet stimulates positive biochemicals that allow you to experience positive emotions, such as security, joy, satisfaction and peace. Animals want your attention. Their presence helps you feel safe. They’ll be with you when necessary. Sometimes, they may be the only source of healing you have.

Animals help you stay in the present moment

You experience different emotions after going through unpleasant experiences. You tend to ruminate over negative experiences, which make you feel depressed. The events can haunt you from living fully in the present moment. Mindfulness helps you get back to the present moment, accept every moment without judgment, reduce stress and enhance wellbeing or life satisfaction.

Animals can help you stay mindful. Animals don’t think about the past and future. They can help you cope with anxiety. They accept you the way you are without judging you. They help you take care of yourself and improve overall wellbeing. Just like your pets need to be taken care of, fed and taken outdoors, you would also begin taking care of yourself.